Goals For This Site

Hi all. So thanks to a good friend of mine, Chris Cizek*, I saw him writing cool stuff and I thought I want to get in on that. Here’s where I will post all the theories and things that distract from the things I should be doing. This is mainly to keep track of all my ideas and to see what others think about these. Free thought and discussion is encouraged as that is how things progress. Among the things that might be included here are life advice, theories about anything that I may think of, and maybe some current events.. Depending on how ridiculous the rumors are about it.

So quick recap.
Goals- Keep track of my ideas, Encourage discussion, Encourage free thought.
Yep, that’s about it. Keep it civil and don’t forget to think first out there in a world based on impulse.

*Check out Chris here over at his page- https://christophercizekpoetry.wordpress.com/


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