Theory of Inherited Thought

Animals survive on something we describe basically as instincts. Instincts are not learned or taught, they just exist in the mind without any prior thought. All animals have these. Human beings are animals. Therefore, we have instincts. Untold years of evolution have ingrained certain types of traits common to all humans. This theory will be described in two areas. The contemporary and the precursor instincts. This theory will be built upon with time as more thought is given to the subject and the matter is discussed. Should you have thoughts about the matter that you wish to share, feel free to comment and your thought could be added to the theory with acknowledgements.

The Precursor instincts are a new area for me and I am still exploring the subject currently.This area will be based upon thousands of years(but most likely more) of accumulated evolutionary experience that is shared by large portions of humanity. Examples are desire for leaders, fight or flight, and need for human connection.2/6/2017

The Contemporary instincts are what is learned within the past few generations. That is anything that your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. learned that was passed onto you within the past 100 or so years. Now for what began this line of thought was the commonalities of my parents and the commonalities of their parents, of which there was little my young mind could see at the time. However, in watching the habits and interests of my parents I began to see how my own habits and interests were connected to them. My dad is a very musical inclined person and although music was thrust upon me unwillingly at first, I began to take on my own interest in it within the past few years, 10+ years after my dad would’ve preferred. My mother has a deep interest in the past and of spiritual matters. History is a subject I am well versed with and needs not further discussion here. Spiritual, there is much out there that people claim to be ghosts or beings from the beyond. These three subjects are all commonalities I have with my parents and that I attribute aspects of to both inherited thought and learned thought. Later I will discuss how offspring have a “Accept or Reject” response to the behaviors of their parents. 2/6/2017


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